Creating The Artistic Warrior

The Archibald Studio was created to help translate insights into information of such great value that they are essential for the training of future artistic warriors who will create art that will make the world a better place.

We identify and relate to smart, educated, talented and quality artists of great capacity, who will also be smart, educated, talented and quality business people, who will most importantly be smart, educated, talented and quality people.

Together, we are saving the planet. 


about craig

Canadian-born Craig Archibald has developed an invaluable position in the world of show business. As a writer, director, producer, actor and coach, Craig has shown a noticeable range of versatility and experience in almost all aspects of the entertainment industry.  

Craig's professional stage career began in Canada at the age of 15 in 1978 and led to his award-winning film and television career which began in 1993.  While Craig has had the honor of acting and working on Academy Award winning films, Craig is best recognized for his founding of the Archibald studio. 

The Archibald Studio was established to offer instruction to actors of all experience levels. While Craig is honored to have visiting clients such as actors Eric Roberts, Dan Futterman, John Slattery, Kathryn Erbe, Constance Wu, Brandon Sklenar, Duane Henry and Mouzam Makkar, he also receives great joy by taking clients at the beginning of their career on the journey towards finding the peak of their abilities. 

Welcome to the studio Craig has created with the goal of assisting film and television artists to achieve their greatest potential.

Craig is the best acting coach in Hollywood. Period.”

— Dan Futterman
Craig’s passion is contagious, his wisdom enlightening and his approach is unique with each individual. I am re-inspired each time we meet and reminded why I am doing what I am doing. He has a true gift. I am honored to have him on my team, as my coach and dear friend.
— Amy Gumenick
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john slattery.jpg
Craig helped me through a particularly difficult acting challenge. For that I cannot thank him or recommend him enough.
— John Slattery
As a conservatory-trained classical actress, it took me a long time to find an acting coach in LA for TV/Film. I tried all the “big” ones who were either disrespectful, too gimmick-y, too emo/indulgent, too self-congratulatory and they all lacked the emotional courage, depth and intelligence I make a priority in my work. I finally found that in Craig. He’s artistic, personal, intelligent, honest, and authentic. He helps you take command of your career as an artist and as a businessperson. He will help you learn how to dig deep (when you’re ready to) even in seemingly blah material. I can’t count the number of times I wrote off a script as “merely expository dialogue” or “bad writing” then took it to Craig and unsurfaced a very workable emotional life of the character and the story. Oh, and after a year of working with Craig (it takes time, there are no quick fixes), I went from being a waitress with zero callbacks to being a
full-time working actor with a near 100% callback rate. All of which I hugely owe to my work with Craig. If you’re ready for a real change in your career, you should come to Craig and you should stick with him for the long haul.
— Constance Wu
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duane henry.jpg
Craig is more than just an acting coach, he has become a mentor and a friend. Before I booked my life changing role on NCIS, during my auditioning process, I felt like Craig supplied me with all the cheats to a new video game. He helped me open a portal to all the nuances and idiosyncrasies I possess. He helped guide my subconscious choices and more than anything else he calls you on your b.s. Of course I will continue to work with Craig in the future.
— Duane Henry
Studying with Craig has taken my work to a completely new level. His understanding of the material and characters is deep, and keeps me excited about my work. Craig’s motto of “make everything make you better” leaves you with no excuse as to why a scene could go wrong - ultimately taking off any pressure you put on yourself. With Craig I’ve learned to properly be ‘in the moment” and know how to feel when I’m not. He’s the best bullshit meter money can buy!
— Alyssa Sutherland
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Gale Harold.jpg
Craig Archibald has aided me in refining an honest and playable structure for more than a few difficult and inspiring characters. Craig’s approach is straightforward while being grounded in established & reliable techniques that we have all come to trust. And it is great to have an accessible resource -Craig- to work with and experiment with choices that you can believe in, and take away with confidence...
— Gale Harold
There are occasionally people in the industry who actually walk the walk. Craig is a fellow actor and director – and a good one at that! Time with Craig is the best investment an actor could make.
— Kathryn Erbe
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Cedric Sanders.jpg
Craig has inspired me to get out of my comfort zone to avoid doing the”norm” This has turned my work around. He’s truly the best! I consider him “my secret weapon.
— Cedric Sanders
Craig shifted the way I audition and act in a way that no other teacher has ever been able to do. When I started working with Craig I was already an established standup comic but I was looking to transition into acting. For 3 years in LA I booked nothing. After only 3 WEEKS of with Craig I booked my first pilot! In addition, he’s helped me book numerous recurring roles. But my favorite thing about Craig is that he works with you AFTER the booking to make sure you continue to wow the producers, writers and directors so that they keep bringing you back. If you’re serious and actually looking for an acting coach, he’s as good as it gets.
— Dan Ahdoot
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Nirayl Stone.jpg
Craig is truly an invaluable gift to me as an artist, businesswoman, and person. When I came to him I was floundering in a bunch of different techniques with none of them working. Studying with him has brought such a depth and honesty to my work and I now walk into auditions with the freedom and confidence to authentically live moment to moment. I, wholeheartedly, credit him for helping me to discover my “artist” and become a working actor.
— Nirayl Stone
Craig teaches you to be courageous in areas that I didn’t even realize needed to be addressed. He teaches you how to take risks, honest risks. He also deeply cares for the student on a personal business level and changed the way I handle myself in the industry. I would have been lost in this business without his guidance.
— Austin Hebert
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Jessica Camacho.jpg
Working with Craig has helped me to develop the confidence that my choices are connected to truth and purpose, allowing me a greater sense of freedom and exploration in my work. He’s a wonderful person, and a positive, motivating, nurturing teacher!
— Jessica Camacho
Craig is who we would go to for coaching, and often did when we were working in Bulgaria together. He’s inspiring, calming and doesn’t miss a trick. He’ll keep you honest and his attention to detail makes your performance, audition or whatever, seem flowing and glowing! Every actor deserves one session with Craig...And after that, if you never want to leave...Don’t!
— Eric Roberts
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Devon Aoki.jpeg
Working with Craig has been tremendously helpful. He is a wonderful person and friend and I would recommend his coaching to any actor attempting to better themselves and clarify their work.
— Devon Aoki
Craig has been a great source of honesty and inspiration. He has helped me to stay grounded and find belief during those whirlwind moments we all sometimes face. They say “the truth will set you free” and if you are willing, Craig can help you on the path to finding yours. I recommend him to any actor looking to deepen their life and subsequently their work.
— Brendan Sklenar
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Craig is indispensable to me in my work as an artist and as a businessperson. He emboldens me to go beyond the technical and unearth the truth and humanity in every character I work on. He encourages me to think beyond the next booking to taking charge of my career. And he inspires me as a fellow artist to never stop exploring and learning.

I consider myself lucky to have found Craig within two months of arriving in LA and he was absolutely instrumental in me booking my first pilot 6 months after I started working with him. He will help you uncover your true potential.
— Mouzam Makkar
Craig is without doubt the most caring, most supportive, most uplifting, most truthful, most knowledgeable and most tasteful acting coach anywhere- (all reasons why it’s so darn hard to get an appointment in his busy schedule- but boy you are lucky if you do!)

I know I can completely trust him and I bring every important role I am preparing to go over my choices, arc and character. We have had so much fun creating deeper and more interesting work than I might have created on my own. He brings great sensitivity and subtlety to the work.

But, mostly, he helps me believe in myself and encourages me always to face the business boldly and bravely.
— Dendrie Taylor
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Tiffany Yvonne Cox.jpg
I am so glad to have found someone authentic to add to my team. Craig truly cares about the craft and how my voice and presence relates to my overall mission as an artist. I do not go to a large audition without working the material with him first. Even when well prepared, he helps me find ways to go deeper. As he says, ‘Those who go deepest win.’ I have definitely seen the results of that time and time again as I apply this notion to each audition and job.
— Tiffany Yvonne Cox
Craig is one of the most positive and uplifting coaches I have ever worked with. An artist himself, he cares about his clients beyond class/session — he’s there for the entire journey. No ego, no games, just work with integrity!
— David An
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Laurel Vail.jpg
Craig is an acting coach that will find a way to make everything make sense. He’s all about finding the techniques that work for each individual. He has an ability to give critiques without making you feel crappy. I came in with very little acting education and developed the confidence and techniques that help me book regularly now.
— Laurel Vail
I’m not usually comfortable promoting acting teachers in this town, because, well, frankly … most of them don’t know what they are doing. But Craig is a different animal –his class is a great investment any actor could make to help their career.
— Lothaire Bluteau
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Berda Gilmore  .jpg
Studying with Craig is like studying with one of the Masters. His insight is profound and his support of his students is unparalleled. When I came to him my foundation was crumbling. I knew what I wanted to achieve but didn’t know how to get there. Craig not only helped me rebuild my foundation but has given me a practical road map for all of my work now and in the future. Now I can say with confidence that I know how to get there . . . and stay there.
— Berda Gilmore