You have to make it happen

When I was a young actor I made the mistake — and a good 80% of the young actors who come to my studio make the same mistake—of thinking that someone or something would come along and launch my career for me.


There’s something in our upbringing, something in the way we’re schooled, something in our awe and respect for this industry that makes many of us shy about stepping up and confidently declaring, “I am here, I am growing, I am ready to learn and be the very best I can be. I can do this!”


You need to have that attitude to succeed as an actor because your career (indeed, your life) is entirely up to you. No one is coming to save you.


This is essential to understand. As kids, we believe that mom or dad is going to step in and save us. As young actors, we believe an agent or manager or casting director is going to come along and save us.


There’s no one coming to save you. No one is looking for the special qualities you possess—that joy you are destined to celebrate with the world in your film and television roles. It’s a fantasy that you’ll be magically “discovered,” a fantasy that, if you indulge it, will only waste time and slow your progress.


No one is coming to save you. You must do it yourself.


If you can truly grasp this reality, you’ll discover a wonderful freedom, a remarkable power. You really are the master of your life. You are the decider of your fate. The choices you make will define your life. You are completely responsible for the actions you take. That’s tremendously exciting!


Your life is in your hands. So, reach out and grab the wheel. Take control. Change direction. Take your life where you want it to go. Be smart, get trained, hire brilliant advisors, develop a game plan, make lists, take action every day, do the work, and you’ll succeed. I’ve watched it happen again and again.


No one can predict exactly when or how you’ll succeed. That’s part of the fun. In my experience, everyone who deserves an opportunity sooner or later gets an opportunity. Those who are prepared when it comes are the ones that take the next step. So prepare! Follow your dreams and you’ll have a wonderful adventure!


It’s not easy. It takes time. It takes discipline. You must learn how to do your best work, what circumstances motivate you, what choices deplete your energies. You must be driven. You must be patient. You must be wise. And you must do it yourself.


You have to make it happen.


© Craig Archibald 2018

Craig Archibald